• Show 1146: Why You Should Share Your Stories

    Facts are essential for scientific understanding. Stories are critical for wisdom, understanding the arc and meaning of our lives. Dr. Rachel Naomi Remen, author of two wonderful books about stories, describes how some stories can diminish us and our view of ourselves. Others give us strength and hope. Stories can reveal deep meaning in our […]

  • Will Hospitals Adopt Ways to Reduce Harmful Medical Errors?

    Medical errors are a leading cause of death and disability. Some patient safety experts estimate that between 250,000 and 400,000 people die annually because of medical mistakes (BMJ, May, 2016; Journal of Patient Safety, Sept. 2013). Dr. Martin Makary and his colleague, authors of the BMJ study, suggest that medical mistakes are the third leading cause […]

  • Will a Mediterranean Diet Protect Your Heart?

    Will the Mediterranean diet protect your heart? Such diets have a reputation as a tasty way to cut your risk of heart disease. Previous randomized controlled trials, such as the Lyon Diet Heart Study and the PREDIMED study were conducted in Mediterranean countries. So is it possible for Americans to benefit by following a Mediterranean […]

  • Which Coffee Compounds Protect the Brain?

    If you, like many people, can’t face the day without a hot cup of coffee, there’s good news. Scientists at Rutgers have evidence that the combination of caffeine with a special fatty acid present in coffee can protect the brain (PNAS, Dec. 3, 2018). Combo of Coffee Compounds Protect the Brain in Mice: They studied […]

  • Is Holiday Hospital Discharge More Hazardous?

    Nobody wants to be hospitalized during the holidays if at all possible. There are medical reasons to avoid hospital discharge during the winter holidays if you can. What Is the Problem with Holiday Hospital Discharge? Toronto researchers discovered that people hospitalized between Christmas and New Year’s Day are at greater risk than those hospitalized at […]

  • Do Your Christmas Shopping at The People’s Pharmacy

    If you are like us, you may still have a few people who deserve Christmas gifts that you haven’t yet purchased. Have you considered a book or holiday gift bundle from The People’s Pharmacy? If you order now, there is still time to receive the package before Christmas. People’s Pharmacy Mug for Coffee, Tea or […]

  • Generic Drug Companies Played Nice in the Sandbox

    A large antitrust suit against generic drug companies has been building for a few years. When we first heard about this situation in November, 2016, approximately a dozen generic firms were implicated. The Justice Department was investigating possible collusion. There were hints that key players from different generic drug companies got together in secretive meetings. […]

  • Will Yellow Mustard Ease Cramps from Statins?

    Millions of people take statins to lower their cholesterol levels.Here are just a few examples of the numbers of prescription filled each year: atorvastatin= 97 million; simvastatin= 65 million; pravastatin= 25 million; rosuvastatin= 20 million; lovastatin= 11 million. That’s a combined total of 218 million prescriptions annually. Consequently, a large number of people report experiencing […]

  • Celebrate with a Cool Gift from The People’s Pharmacy!

    What is the most precious gift of all? Hint: It’s not a new car, a smartphone, an electronic gadget, jewelry or clothing. The most extraordinary gift is good health. Many of us take our health for granted until something goes wrong. Then it becomes our number one concern. We have been striving to help you […]

  • Authorized Generic Drugs Offer Quality and Affordability

    Have you ever heard of authorized generic drugs? Most people, including physicians and pharmacists have no idea what they are. That’s largely because the Food and Drug Administration tells the world that all FDA approved generic drugs are equal to their brand name counterparts. But we have lost faith in the FDA’s ability to monitor […]